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Welcome on the free online adaptation of the Pictionary game!

This online version allows you to play freely to Pictionary without any account or special stuff : no need for board game, dice or cards. You just need the basics : paper and pencil. You can then play with your friends as soon as you want to without the need to have the game besides you. Moreover, this application frees you from managing the dice, cards, players moves and rules details. There is no risk to get lost or forgot whose turn it is.

To play this adaptation of Pictionnary, you just have to move your laptop or tablet near you. Switch to full screen mode (F11 on your keyboard) for more space. Choose the number of teams, the names of the players, tune some rules, and let's go ! At the beginning of each turn, the word to guess is hidden under a big colored rectangle. The player can see the word by clicking on the rectangle. The word will then disappear automatically.

In case of any change during the game, it is possible to add or remove players, or even a whole team (see menu 'Parameters'), ou just change the position of a team (menu 'Adjust positions'). So you keep the full control of the gameplay with the same freedom as you would with the boardgame version.

This adaptation is based on Pictionary rules but with more options for more fun:

  • Configuration of timer : more than one minute if you play with children, or less for crazy games in Blitz mode !
  • Change 'All Play' probability : 'All Plays' are not associated to specific words but can appear anytime depending on a probability you can change. You can then select the level of tension between the teams !
  • Possibility to change the word in your turn if you really don't like it.
  • A sound warns you when the time is over. No need to always watch for the clock !
  • New words are frequently added into the dictionary so that you can come back and play with the same fun !

Have a good game !

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If you like this game or similar games such as Taboo, Cranium, ..., don't hesitate to buy the full game to have more fun with your friends !